Bay Area Medicare Broker

Our Mission

“Customer service is our top priority. If we wow the people we take care of, they will spread the word.”

Who is Bay Area Medicare Broker

Bay Area Medicare Broker was created by me, Ron Cain. I passionately believe that giving great customer service is the only way my business will grow. That is why I treat everyone like family, and am available anytime to get answers for all your questions; on hold no more ~ I will take care of that for you…

Ron Cain Trusted Medicare Advisor

Who is Ron Cain

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve been in the Health Benefits and Medicare space just over ten years. I specialize in both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans by finding the lowest-cost, highest-benefit plans for my clients. My favorite part of my service is helping people live a Good Life ~ for the Rest of their Life. I want them to really understand why they’re in the plan that I’ve recommended for them. I also enjoy helping my clients navigate other parts of the complicated  healthcare ecosystem, such as helping clients find the best plan for them over time as the laws and plans are ever changing. Outside of work, I love biking on local trails, walks along the East Bay shoreline, and Mindful Meditation.

Our Servcies

At Bay Area Medicare Broker, we will help you find the carrier and plan that fits you, not try and get you to fit into a particular product. As Licensed Agents for Medicare Insurance, we are all certified to offer every type of Medicare plan and offer the majority of carriers available in the counties we work in. We go to this extreme so that we can focus on your needs not on the needs of a particular carrier.

Behind Ron is a whole team of specialists dedicated to ensuring that all your needs are met. Have a question about a medical bill, finding the right specialist, or a new drug benefit? We can help!

To the surprise of most people, there are no fees to work with a me! A servicing fee is built into the plans. Plans cost the same whether you purchased directly from the insurance company or with the help of an advisor. So my commitment is to find the best coverage at the best cost to you. It doesn’t matter to us what plan you choose, as long as it’s meets your needs and feels right to you and your family.